Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

The kids woke up and wanted their valentines so I got them out and gave them to them. They loved everything that they got. I decided this year that I wasn't getting them any candy and no stuffed animals. My mom gives them enough candy so they didn't go without! Anywho, Dalton, got a couple of movies. He wanted Madagascar 2 and Space Buddies, so thats what he got along with his big guitar vday balloon. I like to spend the same amount or around about so of course, Kayleigh, got more things than, Dalton. She got 2 sets to go to her My little Pony "Ponyville" set, a new "darbie", and a blanket and pillow set. She loves soft blankets and carries them around a lot. She also got a couple balloons. They go crazy over balloons for some reason. I've always loved balloons too, so I understand. hehe

My brother called, Brady, Friday night and wanted him to go fishing until about lunch time. I couldn't tell him no because I know how much he LOVES fishing and he rarely gets the chance to go with my brother. Well, Brady, came walking up the steps around 12:45 with a dozen pink and red roses, balloons and a gift bag. I ,of course, jumped up and opened the door. Pink and red roses are my FAVORITE! In my gift bag a set of my fav scent candles and a fragrance diffuser! I was super happy and already on cloud 9. I started putting everything up and gave him a hug when he pulled out another box and said, "Oh,I almost forgot." I opened it and found this necklace and pendant that I had been wanting! I have NO IDEA how he knew I wanted it because I never told him. I was so happy!! To top things off he arranged for mom and dad to keep the kids and he fixed a wonderful steak dinner. He grilled steak, made baked potatoes, sauteed mushrooms and salad. It was FANTASTIC! I walked in the kitchen after he was all done setting everything up and was just amazed. He had it all set up so beautiful. Wine glasses, candles etc. He had XM love station playing and it was all just VERY romantic!! My night was great!!!

Bradys vday present wasn't as "romantic"! lol I got him a 6 pack of Budlight lol a box of millionaires and Call of Duty world at war for xbox 360. He was very happy with his gift!

My day was absolutely PERFECT!!! My husband is so amazing! God has truely blessed me. I can't imagine sharing my life with anyone else!!

Here are a few pics from our day:)


Rosjuane said...

AWWW!! I love that necklace! What kind of fishing does he like to do. I'm thinking I need to send him with Brad so he can school my husband on Romantics.

Cassie Burke said...

lol...girl anykind of fishing! His fav is bass & crappie! He needs a fishin' buddy!

Jaimee said...

Brady is so sweet Cass!!!! What a wonderful Valentines Day!