Monday, April 20, 2009

Please say prayers

My friend sarah is 6.5 months pregnant and her water broke abt an hour or so ago. Shes having major contractions and in a lot of pain. They gave her a shot to stop the contractions,they are transferring her to LR to deliver the baby. Shes had a c-section before so I assume they will go ahead and do that with this one. Please just lift her and the baby up in your prayers. Thanks

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Needing More

I married young, 18 years old, wanting nothing more than a husband and kids. College for me was not even in the picture. At that age you really don't understand what it takes to survive. I just knew that I loved my husband and wanted to be with him always. Right away we decided to start our family. I do not in anyway regret this. I wouldn't advise anyone else to do it this way, but this was how it happened for us. Brady, and I have been married for a little over 8 years now and I've been feeling a little out of sorts for awhile. Our children are now 7 and 3 and don't need me as much as they used to. Kayleigh, will be statrting pre-school this year (I think) and, Dalton, will be going into second grade.
Lately, ok for awhile now, I have been feeling empty, found myself wanting more and feel like I'm living a life with no direction.Most of the time I question my existance. I know I'm here to be Dalton and Kayleighs mommy.And I'm here to be Brady's partner BUT isn't there more?Don't I need to do more? I stay at home day in and day out taking care of the house, doing laundry,cooking etc etc. I'M READY FOR MORE! There are so many things that I want for myself and my family. I have been a stay at home mom/ wife for 8 years now and frankly to tell you the truth I'm just tired of it. I have an amazing husband that gives me everything I want and need. I couldn't ask for bettter, BUT I can give them better. I love my children and my husband, but find myself needing and wanting more. Most of the people around me are doing something with their life or at least trying. I know, most people say being a mom is the greatest job in the world. I agree in some ways and in others I totally disagree. I feel like myself, my husband and my kids are lacking because of my not working. I've worked before but nothing has really ever worked out to be what I WANTED. I have always wanted to go to school and get a degree. I want a good paying job and I want to relieve my husband of some of the pressure that he feels to take care of us. It's a big job that he has and even bigger because of the profession that he has chosen. We have never wanted for anything but we both find ourselves always wanting better and wanting more. I see nothing wrong with that as long as we work hard to get the things that we want. I've said, "Oh, I'm going to college." and have never followed through with it. I've been so scared that "I can't do this" and I have let that fear overtake and really control my life. This time I am serious. I have never been more serious in all of my life. I know that God will give me the stength and the courage to do what I need to do for myself and my family. Yesterday, I filled out my fafsa and an online application to UAM. I am going to take my asset test March 3rd and from there I will have to talk to someone to see what the next steps to take would be. Please keep me in your prayers. Pray that God guides and leads me in the way that HE wants me to go. I only want this if it's GODS will for my life.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."(Psalm 37:4)
…He has our best interest at heart…He is always with us…He never fails us…Delight yourself in the Lord…He will lead you…He will guide you…He will direct you…He will enlightened you…"In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths."(Prov.3:6)…If you are looking for direction in your life…acknowledge Him…He gives good counsel…God is our delight…He loves us…He protects us…If you are going through a rough place…call on Him…don't aimlessly seek direction…call on Him…don't dwell on hurts…dwell on the all encompassing power of God…choose to be happy…make it a definite choice…dwell on His provision…dwell on His help…dwell on His promises…delight yourself in Him…Let these thoughts sink into your being…remember He is on our side…rejoice…we can not lose..He sees us through…When you feel a wave of despair approaching…call on Him…He will lift you up…whenever you are afraid…put your trust in Him…Jesus is able to turn things around…He tells us over and over again in His word to fear not…He tells us He is with us…He tells us the enemy can't triumph over us…God is our defense…Trust God with your life…watch what He is doing in your life…You will cry as the psalmist did in Psalm66:5 "Come and see the works of God,He is awesome in His doing towards the sons of men."…Nothing is to hard for the Lord…His power is truly awesome…Amen

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

The kids woke up and wanted their valentines so I got them out and gave them to them. They loved everything that they got. I decided this year that I wasn't getting them any candy and no stuffed animals. My mom gives them enough candy so they didn't go without! Anywho, Dalton, got a couple of movies. He wanted Madagascar 2 and Space Buddies, so thats what he got along with his big guitar vday balloon. I like to spend the same amount or around about so of course, Kayleigh, got more things than, Dalton. She got 2 sets to go to her My little Pony "Ponyville" set, a new "darbie", and a blanket and pillow set. She loves soft blankets and carries them around a lot. She also got a couple balloons. They go crazy over balloons for some reason. I've always loved balloons too, so I understand. hehe

My brother called, Brady, Friday night and wanted him to go fishing until about lunch time. I couldn't tell him no because I know how much he LOVES fishing and he rarely gets the chance to go with my brother. Well, Brady, came walking up the steps around 12:45 with a dozen pink and red roses, balloons and a gift bag. I ,of course, jumped up and opened the door. Pink and red roses are my FAVORITE! In my gift bag a set of my fav scent candles and a fragrance diffuser! I was super happy and already on cloud 9. I started putting everything up and gave him a hug when he pulled out another box and said, "Oh,I almost forgot." I opened it and found this necklace and pendant that I had been wanting! I have NO IDEA how he knew I wanted it because I never told him. I was so happy!! To top things off he arranged for mom and dad to keep the kids and he fixed a wonderful steak dinner. He grilled steak, made baked potatoes, sauteed mushrooms and salad. It was FANTASTIC! I walked in the kitchen after he was all done setting everything up and was just amazed. He had it all set up so beautiful. Wine glasses, candles etc. He had XM love station playing and it was all just VERY romantic!! My night was great!!!

Bradys vday present wasn't as "romantic"! lol I got him a 6 pack of Budlight lol a box of millionaires and Call of Duty world at war for xbox 360. He was very happy with his gift!

My day was absolutely PERFECT!!! My husband is so amazing! God has truely blessed me. I can't imagine sharing my life with anyone else!!

Here are a few pics from our day:)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Went to the Dr today.....

He upped my dosage again from 88 mcg to 100 mcg. I have lost 14 lbs since my last appt! I was so excited about that. He told me that I was doing well and that he wanted me to get more physical activity.I live in Dermott,which is a rather boring town with not much to do but I have promised Dr.R that I would do my best to find things to do to get me out of the house! I told him that we now had a Wii and he said,"Hey those really do work you out!"So, I've decided to invest in a Wii fit. Brady, has also agreed to workout with me since he knows all of the army stuff.He said,"I'll smoke ya baby" haha...I'm really excited and so proud that I'm on the right track.

Whats kind of discouraging is a 14 lb loss in a FAT girl isn't like a 14 lb loss in a smaller person.It's hard to tell by looking,until you get on the scales.But,I am doing very well and will continue to keep it up! I have another appt in 2 months to get another blood test to have it re-checked and meds adjusted again. I'm ready to get this disease under control!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Weight loss

I've had a weight problem all of my life.When I say,"all my life" I mean that literally! I was overweight as a kid,as a teen and into my adult years it has just gotten worse. I won't say that I eat really healthy b/c I don't. I don't eat out much,I don't eat very many sweets,I don't OVER EAT.My 7 year old son eats more than I do.About 2 years ago I found out that I have Hypothyroidism. Dr.R put me on meds for it and I was to go in every 3 months for a blood test so that he could adjust my meds.He told me that in most cases it normally takes a year or so to get the right dosage.He started me out at 24 mcg(micro-gram) and when,Brady,deployed I was at 125 mcg and was still not fully adjusted. After,Brady,left I just let my drs appts go.I didn't see dr.R for about 9 months (for myself) I went in back in oct to get back on my meds because my sister in law and mother in law,both of which who are RN's,told me that my thyroid could shut my whole body down and that it was VERY serious.That scared me. When I got in the office with Dr.R he gave me a lecture like never before! He ALWAYS gives it to me straight and thats one reason we continue to use him.Anyhow,he had to started me off at 75 mcg and I am now up to 88 mcg.I go in on Wednesday for another blood test and I'm positive that he will be adjusting the dosage again.When I was on my meds the first time I lost about 35 lbs in that year that I took them.I gained it all back whenever I stopped (over that 9 month period).I have no lost about 11 lbs since I started back. Basically,what happens is when I take my medication DAILY it helps with my metabolism.Whenever I am not on the medication my metabolism is pretty much SUPER SLOW,therefore I don't burn near the calories that the normal person would.

I have seen blogs lately about everyone wanting to loose weight or tone etc and while that is all great I can't help but be so jealous of those girls that have 20 lbs to loose.I only WISH thats how much I needed to loose.I am super proud of you all who are really taking it to the next level to get the weight off! So my goal,not for this year but for LIFE is to get my thyroid under control and exercise more.Those are the only things thats going to help get this disease under control.I will not let it beat me.

Here are a few facts about,Hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the body lacks sufficient thyroid hormone. Since the main purpose of thyroid hormone is to "run the body's metabolism", it is understandable that people with this condition will have symptoms associated with a slow metabolism. Over five million Americans have this common medical condition. In fact, as many as ten percent of women may have some degree of thyroid hormone deficiency. Hypothyroidism is more common than you would believe...and, millions of people are currently hypothyroid and don't know it! [For an overview of how thyroid hormone is produced and how its production is regulated check out our thyroid hormone production page.]

There are two fairly common causes of hypothyroidism. The first is a result of previous(or currently ongoing) inflammation of the thyroid gland which leaves a large percentage of the cells of the thyroid damaged (or dead) and incapable of producing sufficient hormone. The most common cause of thyroid gland failure is called autoimmune thyroiditis (also called Hashimoto's thyroiditis), a form of thyroid inflammation caused by the patient's own immune system. The second major cause is the broad category of "medical treatments". As noted on a number of our other pages, the treatment of many thyroid conditions warrants surgical removal of a portion or all of the thyroid gland. If the total mass of thyroid producing cells left within the body are not enough to meet the needs of the body, the patient will develop hypothyroidism. Remember, this is often the goal of the surgery as seen in surgery for thyroid cancer. But at other times, the surgery will be to remove a worrisome nodule, leaving half of the thyroid in the neck undisturbed. Sometimes (often), this remaining thyroid lobe and isthmus will produce enough hormone to meet the demands of the body. For other patients, however, it may become apparent years later that the remaining thyroid just can't quite keep up with demand. Similarly, goiters and some other thyroid conditions can be treated with radioactive iodine therapy. The aim of the radioactive iodine therapy (for benign conditions) is to kill a portion of the thyroid to [1] prevent goiters from growing larger, or [2] producing too much hormone (hyperthyroidism). Occasionally, (often?) the result of radioactive iodine treatment will be that too many cells are damaged so the patient often becomes hypothyroid a year or two later. This is O.K. and usually greatly preferred over the original problem. There are several other rare causes of hypothyroidism, one of them being a completely "normal" thyroid gland which is not making enough hormone because of a problem in the pituitary gland. If the pituitary does not produce enough Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) then the thyroid simply does not have the "signal" to make hormone, so it doesn't.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism
Fatigue *
Weakness *
Weight gain or increased difficulty losing weight *
Coarse, dry hair
Dry, rough pale skin *
Hair loss *
Cold intolerance (can't tolerate the cold like those around you)
Muscle cramps and frequent muscle aches *
Constipation *
Depression *
Irritability *
Memory loss
Abnormal menstrual cycles
Decreased libido

All of the ones that I am affected by are marked with *. I can beat this though.It's treated with a simple pill daily all I have to do is REMEMEBR to take it! I have never been good at that! I have an alarm set on my phone to remind me everyday.

I'm really ready to get this weight off.I'm tired of the looks,the snickers,the laughs.Unless you are fat you don't understand. I hate when I go out to eat or go to eat something sweet and someone looks at me like,Do you need to be eating that? I shoudn't have to take away everything that I love to eat b/c the world sees me as fat and all fat ppl must have gotten that way by eating too much.WRONG Don't be ignorant about overweight people. The issues that I have are very real.

Anyway,I just needed to get this out.I talk to my husband about it all the time but for some reason tonight it just wasn't enough!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 8th Anniversary

Brady and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary yesterday. We had a great time. WE went to Little Rock and stayed at the peabody.It was nice just to get away and be together for awhile with no interuptions. On our way up we stopped off in Pinebluff and ate at Chilis,which happened to be Bradys fav. We went on to LR and checked into our room,which was beautiful. We got settled in and decided to head to Park Plaza for some shopping. We spent a lot more money than we intended to but it was well worth it.After we got back to the hotel we went and ate at the Capriccio grill located in the peabody hotel.We were VERY shocked when we got our food..It was VERY tasty,yet VERY expensive.We speng about 70 dollars a plate,but again it was WELL worth it.After we were done eating and had requested our ticket the waitress walks out with this YUMMY looking dessert. She said that since we were celebrating our 8th anniversary with them the Chef wanted to do something special and it was on the house.Brady had been drinking beer so of course he didn't eat any but I got my munch on! It was the BEST dessert I've ever had. Anywho,Brady got me a jewelry set that I've been wanting.Necklace and earrings.It was so special to me and I love it so much!

We were snugglin' on the bed in our room just talking about how far we've come from when we first got married.We were so young and clueless.Neither one of us had a job or a clue how we were gonna get one.We both worked until I got pregnant with Dalton then I quit my job and became a stay at home MOMMY! Brady has always made sure we had everything we needed and wanted.He's so good to me and to our kids.I couldn't ask for a better husband.God blessed me so much and He has blessed our family so much.I can't wait to see what the next 8 years bring! God is GOOD!

Today before we came home we stopped by Benihanas to eat.It was soo good.BRady had never been before.He said thats his new favorite resturant!!

I hope you all have a blessed and happy new year!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008